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Hemophilia Society Bangalore chapter, has a vision that not only focuses on medicine but also on overall development and care of our Members. 
The Hemophilia Society Bangalore chapter, at present is giving a lot of importance and attention to Young Persons with Hemophilia (Ypwh). We intend to continue this focus in the future too. Keeping this in mind we have started a Youth group. 
The Bangalore youth group is a group of Ypwh driven by "compassion, love and self-motivation" to make living with hemophilia spectacular. The group consists of Ypwh of the age group between of 13 to 35. 
The group meets once a month. All the meetings are a mix of fun and learning. This kind of bonding helps the team understand each other, help each other and face the challenges of hemophilia together
We at Bangalore chapter SEE a brighter tomorrow for our youth.

 The goal of the youth group is:

  • To improve outlook towards life thus securing a better quality of life.
  • Work on their talent and conquer the challenges in education and society,  making them confident to face the challenges posed by hemophilia.
  • Bring out the exuberance and enthusiasm back in the life of a PWH which otherwise is restricted or masked due to over-caution or ignorance.
  • To create a Network among PWH locally and nationally.
  • To create a brotherhood among the PWH. As only pwh understands the problems faced  by each other and be a support chain for each other.
  • Create Job opportunities.
  • Ultimately make a PWH independent

Some of the activities by the youth group:

  • Organize Youth camps where they  participate in games, celebrations, exchange of ideas and experiences, exhibit individual talent etc.
  • Regular meeting with pioneers/leaders of the society -- in sports, business  etc to get the best of advice on career and education
  • Get trained in pain management, self-infusion, counseling etc., hence mastering self-management and also managing other PWH.
  • Counseling and reaching out to the parents of Children with Hemophilia.
  • Identify and reach-out to the needy PWH and help them get into the social mainstream by inculcating self mastery.
  • Educate PWH about hemophilia management, giving importance to prevention of bleeds, imparting the knowledge on good health practices etc.
  • Help out Hemophilia Society Bangalore Chapter in all its activities
  • Have personality development workshops. 

 Individual Code of the youth group.( Part of the youth group Manual)

1        I shall treat all hemophiliacs as normal human beings.
2        I shall stand for all or any hemophiliac.
3        I shall respect others limitations as much as I do mine.
4        Hemophilia is a religion not a disability.
5        I shall always avoid conflicts and in case of unavoidable conflicts work towards resolving them with           open mind & work collaboratively with my fellow mates. 
6         I shall vouch for democracy, consensus and humility.
7        I shall always believe that it is an honor to work with a fellow hemophiliac.
8        I shall always work by ethical and legal means to attain the vision of YG's
9        I will always respect everyone irrespective of their contribution.
10    I will try my best in understanding others problems and introducing them with mine.
11    I will help people look beyond hemophilia, pain , suffering. I will help them reach help, relief, care, peace love and success.

 Values System of the youth group.( Part of the youth group Manual)

1        We are all born with hemophilia and hence we are all born into a family.
2        Truth ultimately wins.
3        Money will never be a hindrance in our decision making.
4        Place Community Gain over personal Gain.
5        Strong belief and practice of Non-violence, Love and True to heart work.
6        Disability is not pitied but loved.
7        We are friends first and then humans and then hemophiliacs.
8        Hemophilia shall come above all religions, customs, practices and beliefs.
9        The YG is all about hemophiliacs and their quality of life.
10    We will stand for truth irrespective of where it comes from.
11    We will not shy away from reality. Neither will we stop facing it.
12    We will not give up on the YG and let it give up on us..
13    The humanitarian imperative comes first;
14    Aid is given regardless of the race, creed or nationality of the recipients and without adverse distinction of any kind.
15    Aid priorities are calculated on the basis of need alone;
16    Aid will not be used to further a particular political or religious standpoint;
17    We shall endeavor not to be used as an instrument of government foreign policy;
18    We shall respect culture and custom;
19    We shall attempt to build disaster response on local capacities
20    Ways shall be found to involve program beneficiaries in the management of relief aid
21    Relief aid must strive to reduce vulnerabilities to future disaster as well as meeting basic needs;
22    We hold ourselves accountable to both those we seek to assist and those from whom we accept resources;
23    In our information, publicity and advertising activities, we shall recognize disaster victims as dignified human beings, not hopeless objects.
24    We will abide preach/follow/believe/ in the Values that we have set for ourselves

Recent activities.

 Bangalore chapter, sent two of its youth group members Vishal and Manjunath to a National leadership training program “Young Voices of Hemophilia in India” held in Mumbai. The program is a Joint initiative of Hemophilia Federation of India and Danish Hemophilia society.
 October 2009

Vishal and Manjunath on their return from the camp were extremely motivated and were instrumental in organizing a youth group meeting. The meeting took place in a lively and very sporty environment of the lit KSCA cricket stadium where national and international stars were practicing. The group had the opportunity to meet Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble. The participants were extremely happy and motivated after meeting them.
 November 2009

The youth group had decided to meet at the annual general body of our chapter.
They were an integral part of helping the chapter organizes its annual general body meeting. They were instrumental in collecting ‘Care data’ from our members.

Planned activities

 December 2009

 The youth group will be having a day camp. It’s going to be a team building and bonding exercise along with a personality development work shop.
 January 2010

 ‘Young Voices of Hemophilia in India’, a National leadership program will have a regional Motivation workshop. The Bangalore youth group will be an integral part of it. 

Aurangabad Meet


Picnic at Mr.Krishna’s farm, Kanakapura


Bird Watching at Ranganathittoo

ITC Group

Basic Computer Awareness Workshop at ITC infotech park


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