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The process of education starts the moment a child is diagnosed as having hemophilia. The parents who may be devastated by the disclosure need to be counseled till they get over the shock and the denial mode and then told about the nature of hemophilia and the necessity for life-long treatment with Factors and physiotherapy. The parents are also to be educated as to the safety standards they have to set up at home for the child to prevent bleeds from fall and injuries. More in PREVENTIVE CARE under ABOUT HEMOPHILIA.

The chapter conducts workshop and seminar/ CME (Continued Medical Education) for doctors and Para medical staff, mostly new to the treatment of hemophilia, by inviting experts for talks on hemophilia care. These seminars may cover a wide spectrum of topics like carrier detection, pre natal diagnosis, case studies of uncommon manifestation of the disorder which provide a welcome exposure to the new doctors on the diagnosis and treatment of hemophilia. Patients and parents who are also invited to such functions derive much benefit by having their doubts clarified by experts and getting advice and suggestions where needed.

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